Claim settlement step by step. You had an accident? Don’t worry about anything!

Everything is going to be ok, you’re in good hands!

Claim settlement step by step. You had an accident? Don’t worry about anything!

What to do in case of an accident

From the beginning till your claim settlement

Call Hellas Direct’ s Emergency Line at 212 222 9900.

Day or night, working day or holiday. Our Emergency Line operates 24/7, all week.

We pick up the phone, no external partners, no third parties. You only talk with us for whatever might happen.

With your phone call we start to get a picture of the accident. We will ask you for all the necessary information and, if you want to file your claim report by phone, we will also ask you to send us a few pictures.

By the end of our conversation we will have a full picture, as if we were by your side. And you’ re done with the claims report filing. You don’t have to do anything else and you know exactly what’s coming next.

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Report your claim

You can file your claim report by phone with our guidance. If it’s a minor accident, the whole process will be over even in 6 minutes.

We take it from here!

What will we ask you for?

First of all, if everyone is ok and if someone needs help. If someone is injured and if any emergency service must be called.

Then we move on.

We will ask you for your license plate number. With it we can access your policy and find all the useful data about your vehicle and your contact info.

We will ask you exactly where you are and what happened. We find the spot on the map and start the filing.

We will ask you for the other vehicle’s licence plate number in order to check whether it’s insured and with which company. We’re interested in this kind of information because in case the vehicle is uninsured Road Traffic Police must be called. We also want to know the company the involved vehicle is insured because it’s useful to know whether it participates in the Amicable Settlement system.

Having all the necessary information, we can start the claim settlement process at this very moment.

If you choose- or if it is necessary- for a partner to come, you will have to wait at the accident scene for our partner who will complete your claim report and take the necessary pictures.

What comes next

If we file your claim report together by phone, you will immediately receive the report at your email address and a text message with your claim number. If a partner of ours completes the claim report from the accident scene, we will receive from them the necessary documents and the pictures.

Our Claims team will update you on each development regarding your claim’s progress, by email or text message or both.

If the responsibility for the accident isn’t yours, we will do everything we can so that you get as soon as possible the “go ahead” to take your vehicle to the garage for the repair needed. Our record is 9 minutes and we have insured drivers who were sent to the garage even before they left the accident scene. Fast Track, Hellas Direct’ s lightning-fast claim settlement service is at your disposal to make your life easier.

The insurance company of the driver involved in the accident has a 7 day period to admit responsibility, but if the accident is crystal-clear and liability is evident, we will not let you wait.

*Important note: If you decide to leave the accident scene without filing the claim report, bear in mind that you have up to 7 days to inform us about the incident.

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Choose a garage

We will contact you concerning the choice of the garage.

You can choose among our partner garages and have your vehicle repaired quickly and for free, since we directly arrange your claim settlement.

If you pick a partner garage, you have the option to authorize to get paid by us and also have priority in your repair, warranty on workmanship and spare parts, technical inspection of your car after the repair (provided by certain garages), replacement vehicle until your damage is repaired, free car wash, after the repair. Additionally, if you choose to repair your car in one of our partner garages, you will have an exclusive 50% discount on the exemptions of certain covers.

If you are liable for the damage and you need to repair it at your own expense, by choosing a partner garage you will benefit from special discounts we've secured for our customers in costs and spare parts.

You can see the list of our partner garages here.

Of course you can always choose a garage not included in our list. Your claim settlement process will be immediate in any case.

When the matter of liability is clear to us, you can move on to the next step, which is the car expert’s inspection on the vehicle. With his approval about what needs to be fixed and the cost, you can proceed with the repair.

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Send us the documents needed to complete your compensation

When your vehicle's repair is completed, we get to the final payment.

If you authorize your garage to be paid by us, then you’re done! You don’t need to do anything else. We will take it from here and have all the necessary communications and exchanges via our platform HD+.

If you decide not to authorize the garage, you will have to send us at

  • your car registration certificate
  • the IBAN of the beneficiary
  • the ID card of the car owner
  • the invoices.

Additional documents

In exceptional cases and only concerning certain claims (eg hail) we might ask for:

  • Α copy of the Police Report (Full and Partial Theft, Terrorist Actions and Civil Disorder)
  • Α copy of the Fire Service Report (Fire)
  • A report by the Hellenic National Meteorological Service (Natural Phenomena)
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