Safe Roads project
by Hellas Direct

We roam the streets
and we fix them

We won't stop

It’s not what it looks like

It’s not a pothole. It’s 10,000 drivers in danger. It is not a faded crossing. It's 1,000 students every day.
And we are not a common insurance company. 
At night we go out when the city is asleep.
To make our streets safer for everyone.
One pothole at a time. One crosswalk at a time.
  Are you with us?

What is the Safe Roads project?

Safer streets for everyone We know very well that the safer our roads are, the fewer accidents we will have. That’s why we decided to act. With our expert crew, we go wherever we are needed. Always in cooperation with the municipalities, we close potholes and paint faded crossings. That's how we're changing insurance for good.

Potholes we’ve closed


Kids we’ve kept safe


Drivers we’ve protected


We roam the streets and we fix them

What’s up with the
Safe Roads project?

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What’s the word on the street?

Congratulations on your initiative, keep up offering safety

Thanos Z.

Finally an insurance company who cares for the community and not only for profit. Please continue what you’re doing!

Stavros F.

Congratulations, finally an action that saves lives.

Dimitris P.

Congratulations, hopefully others will follow your example.

Eleni T.

Congratulations for the Safe Friday initiative. And the crosswalks! Bravo!


You’re great and against all odds you shine in the different way you do things! Keep up, make our world beautiful!

Ioannis F.

Bravo! Great idea!

Stavros P.

A shining example

Elli K.

Congratulations! Bravo!

Areti S.

Bravo! Invaluable contribution!

Pantelis K.

Bravo, keep up!

Pinelopi K.

Your initiative is praiseworthy, congratulations

Pantelis G.

Great initiative, I believe companies should be encouraged when they give back to the community.

Nen E.

There are people who give a fight.

Anna S.

Bravo, a very good and unbelievable initiative.

Savvas K.

Amazing project. Fixing the roadway and the road signs is a great action.

Kon. D.

Fantastic work

Tina S.

How nice! Bravo!

Chariklia Ch.

Bravo for your initiative.

Liana Ch.

A thousand thanks are not enough for what you’re doing.

Manolis V.

Of course I am with you because you care for us.

Aris Z.

Are you with us?

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