Fast Track means lightning-fast claim settlement!

A service by Hellas Direct that offers you peace of mind, even after a car accident

We will make sure everything is done quickly and easily. And you don't have to do anything extra: If you have Hellas Direct insurance, you also have Fast Track!


We want you to get back on track as soon as possible and we have the way to do it.

This is how we ensure you get lightning-fast claim settlement

From the beginning till your claim settlement, everything goes Fast Track

Claim report filing by phone

You need someone to reassure you and show you the way and we’re here for it. We will assist you as if we were literally by your side. In 6’ you’ll be gone!

Emergency line operating 24/7

You don’t know when you might need us. Neither do we. So our Emergency Line operates 24/7. Whenever you need us we will be there for you!

We are tech-savvy

We find on the map exactly where you are. We have real time access to the involved drivers’ data. We are by your side no matter what!

HD+ Garage Platform

We are connected online with 2000+ garages so our communication is fast and easy. Extra privileges if you choose among the proposed garages.

In-house car experts

No third parts, no external partnerships. Our people, experienced and well trained, are here whenever you need them.

You’re always up to date

We know you want to know how things are moving forward with your case. So we will keep you informed for every step taken or following.

You only talk with us

We will never ask you to call someone else, another company or partners. From the very beginning till your claim settlement you only talk with us.

How will you get your claim settled in case of an accident?

You had an accident and you’re worried. What do you have to do? Which steps do you need to take in order to have your claim settled? We have all the answers!