Paving the way!

Rethinking insurance since 2012.

Our story

We are an online insurance company. We began operating in 2012 with one main goal: change the Greek insurance sector. We have introduced our first innovations in the car insurance sector and we are now ready to bring change in other sectors too.

We want to make insurance simpler and easier for you.

This is why we have built a team of smart, passionate, driven individuals whose main goal is to challenge everything and to look for ways to make things better.

Our foundations

Our investors have great experience in business investments. They trusted us at a time when economic conditions in Greece, weren’t promising at all.

We are also the only insurance company that accomplished a strategic collaboration with the reinsurance companies Swiss Re and Munich Re.

Under this collaboration, both Swiss Re and Munich Re provide 50% of your compensation, and we provide the rest.

All of the above have been planned and implemented with great care, so that we can assure that from the very start of our collaboration with you until your compensation, you don’t need to worry about anything.