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Essential The covers you need to stay safe on the road. All the essentials to stay road legal and a few extras we think every policy should have
Third party liability

This is a mandatory cover, by law. It means that we will pay for property damage done to other vehicles or objects and body injuries caused to other people, as long as you are responsible for these incidents. The limit of cover is set by law (€1,300,000 from January 2022).

Damages from uninsured vehicle

We cover damage (up to €15,000 or the amount stated in your policy as the insured capital if it's smaller than €15,000) caused to your motorcycle by an uninsured vehicle. For this to happen, the driver must have accepted liability or their liability must be proven by public documents such as a copy of the accident book of the traffic police.It must also be confirmed by the information centre of the subsidiary fund that the vehicle was indeed uninsured when the accident occurred.

Accident guidance and transportation

We have a 24-hour, 365 hotline. In case of and accident, you call us and we guide you through the next steps. We will record the incident either by phone or with a partner who will come to your aid. Furthermore, if your motorcycle needs towing and you are in Greece, one of our partners from INTERSALONIKA will take care of the transport.

Medical advice

We give you access to a 24-hour hotline for medical advice. You can ask anything you need about a health incident after an accident. You can also get the contact details of specialised doctors, partners of INTERSALONIKA.

Legal advice

You can seek legal advice from professional lawyers any working day, 09:00-21:00.

Reinbursement outside of friendly settlement

We will compensate you for an accident that happens through no fault of your own with an insured vehicle, even if the damage or bodily injury is not covered by the friendly settlement. We cover up to €6,500 for property damage and up to €30,000 for bodily injury to the driver and passengers.

Add the extras you actually need

Additional coverages you can add to your plan.

Road assistance Powered by INTERSALONIKA

We provide roadside assistance for damages that will occur to your motorcycle: mechanical breakdown, flat tyre, battery problem, gasoline issue. Our partners in INTERSALONICA will serve you 24 hours every day, if you are in Greece.

Legal protection

This cover can be activated in case there is a criminal prosecution against you or in the event of a dispute following an accident. Specifically, we cover the fees of lawyers and legal expenses. The compensation amount won't exceed €6,000.

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March 2024

Everything was perfect. With no hassle I got my bike repaired quickly at the garage I chose.

Sotiris K.
Dec. 2023

I had an incident with my bike, they were always willing to help solve the issue.

Angel B.
Nov. 2023

I recommend this company without hesitation, true professionals in everything.

Emmanouil V.
June 2023

It is the insurance company that offers me peace of mind regarding the insurance of my vehicles.

Gerasimos L.
Jan. 2024

I had an accident with my motorcycle and the service was perfect.

Maria K.
Nov. 2023

Excellent and friendly service, a model for many other insurance companies!

Akis L.

Frequently asked questions

Of course you can. As long as the 1st year of registration is after 1990 and it is not a moped.

To be able to insure your bike, you and any other driver using it must also be over 18 years old. Depending on the cubic capacity, the minimum age may be higher.

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All you will need is the details of the motorcycle and the driver’s (or owner’s), as stated on the registration certificate.

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2 ways to do so.

Once you have selected the additional coverages you will see that the button has now changed to "Remove". If you haven't added them yet, the corresponding button will read "Add".

Also, in the last step before purchasing, you can see if the extra coverages are shown in the offer and payment stages.

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From 3 hours after the purchase to 1 day. On the other hand, to keep your mind off it you can buy insurance even 30 days before your desired start date.

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The younger the driver is, usually the less experience that driver has. So, age is one of the factors that affect the final price, but it is not the only one. Cubic capacity, the characteristics of the motorcycle, as well as the place of residence affect the price overall.

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All you need is your license plate number and a few more details.

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