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Listen to your car

Fix it, paint it, take care of it and break the expense down in small pieces. From 0% interest rate. No credit card needed.

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What is wallet+
The platform that gives you the opportunity to cover all your vehicle needs and pay in instalments, with financing of 20 up to 2.000 euros, provided by partner banks.
What can you use wallet+ for
Car service
Break down
External damage
Road Tax
Replacement of tyres
One financing solution for all your vehicle needs
Anything you need, from 0% interest rate.
Fast, easy, online
Apply in 5 minutes fully digitally, get a reply in 3 minutes.
Broad partner garages network
Choose among our partner garages or suggest yours.
Personal concierge
A member of our team will help you with the financing process.
Learn more about wallet+

Learn more about wallet+

What is wallet+?

Wallet+ is the digital wallet, powered by Hellas Direct, which offers you the opportunity to cover, through a loan provided by partner banks, all your vehicle needs: repair of an external damage, repair of a breakdown, car service, replacement of tires (coming soon) and road tax. You don’t have to pay in full once and for all. With wallet+ you can break the expense in monthly instalments, no credit card needed.

Wallet+ is available to everyone, no matter whether they are insured with Hellas Direct or not.

The financing is evaluated, approved and offered by a cooperating credit institution for amounts between €20 and €2,000, as per the Bank’s credit policy each time applicable.

Lending rate

For amounts between €20 and €300 the interest rate is 0%!

For amounts between €301 and €2,000 the lending interest rate ranges between 12,6 and 19,6% and doesn't change throughout the financing period (the respective levy under Law 128/75, currently 0.6%, is included)

Below you can see the interest rates and the handling and operating costs, for each cooperating credit institution:

National Bank of Greece
Fixed lending interest rate 13%, available for amounts between €301 and €2,000. Handling and operating costs amount to €24 for financing up to €1,000 and to €36 for financing over €1,000 and are collected upon the first instalment.

tbi bank
For amounts between €20 and €300, fixed interest rate 0%. It is paid in 4 instalments with every instalment having a €3 fee. The first instalment is paid with your debit card as soon as the financing application is approved.

For amounts between €301 and €2,000, fixed interest rate from 12.6 up to 19.6%. The lending rate is calculated exclusively for each customer during their funding application. Handling and operating costs amounting to €30 is being incorporated into the monthly instalment.

What can I finance with wallet+?

We have created a complete full mobility financing solution so that you can finance all your vehicle needs. You can choose from the below:

  • Car service
  • Repair of external damage or damage caused by crash
  • Replacement of tyres (coming soon)
  • Road Tax (car and motorcycle)

But stay tuned! Very soon wallet+ will cover more services for your car and also your motorcycle’s needs allowing more choices and services’ combinations.

What do I have to do to get wallet+?

Not much! Fill in some information about your car at the wallet+ site, choose what services you are interested in and a garage, if you need car service or repairs. Don’t forget to confirm with them in advance the amount needed. You can choose from our partner garages but the list is not restrictive: If you don’t find the garage you want, contact us and we will get in touch with them in order to onboard them. The wallet+ partners list is getting bigger day by day!

Then apply online to the cooperating credit institution of choice. It takes only 5 minutes and in 3 minutes you get your answer about whether your application is approved or not. Please remember that the information you fill in isn't saved, therefore if you stop in the middle you will have to start from scratch.

Your application is completed at the site of the bank you choose. In the end you will get an email from the cooperating bank at the email address given from you.

After the approval, the amount of the financing is transferred to Hellas Direct. We contact and inform the garage and proceed with the final payment while you don’t have to do anything about all that.

How do I choose a car garage?

You can take your car to any garage you like. You can search your garage among our partner garages. If you don’t find the one that you were looking for, you can either select one from our partner's network or contact us so that we can add the garage you prefer to our network.

What documents do I need?

Absolutely none as far as Hellas Direct is concerned - as with all our procedures.

If you choose to get funded from The National Bank of Greece (NBG), no documents are required.

If you choose to get funded from tbi bank for amounts between €301 and €2,000, you will be asked for your recent tax clearance note and your ID card. While, for amounts between €20 and €300 you will be asked for your ID card and a selfie photograph of yourself, as well as your debit card for the payment of the first instalment. All requested documentation will be submitted digitally.

Do I need a bank account?

If you choose to get funded from The National Bank of Greece (NBG), yes, you need an account there and you will also have to use your username and password for your internet banking. If you don't have credentials you can subscribe to NBG's Internet Banking services by following a few simple steps online. Also, you will need your TAXISnet credentials.

If you choose to get funded from tbi bank, no account and no internet banking credentials are required.

Calculate your payment
Move the slider to your preferred amount to see your instalment
0% interest rate
Provider A
4 Monthly payments
in 30 days
in 60 days
in 90 days
Service charge €3/installment
Total cost xx

12,6% - 19,6% interest rate
Provider B
6 Monthly payments
First payment fee x
Total cost x

12 Monthly payments
First payment fee x
Total cost x

How much interest rate will you pay
€20 - €300
€301 - €2000
12,6% - 19,6%
Figures provided with indicative interest rate at 13%. You will be notified of the final repayment plan once you login to your bank’s online environement. Interest rate is fixed.
Do you want to reach us?
Call us on 212 2229 912 or send us an email at wallet@hellasdirect.gr and we’ll get back to you in no time!