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What is wallet+

It’s a new platform that helps you serve your customers even better. With it they can divide the cost to repair their car at your shop. They get funding and pay in instalments. At the same time, you get the whole amount of the repairs in one payment by Hellas Direct.

What do you get out of our partnership

Increase your sales
Help your customers fix their car with no second thought, by giving them instalment options.
Work more effectively
Your customers gain the ability to make more repairs and choose better materials, since they can divide the cost.
Eliminate risk
While your customers benefit from instalments, you get the whole amount of the repair in one payment from Hellas Direct.
Stand out from competitors
Devote every working minute to repair details and the best solutions for your customers. The rest is up to us.

Ready to become a wallet+ partner?

If you want to offer an even better experience to your clients, just hit the button and fill in your details. We'll add you to our long list of wallet+ partners and keep you up-to-date with news.
Become a partner
Ready to become a wallet+ partner?
First step - Quote
Second step - Application
Third step - Approval
Fourth step - Payment

Earn more in a few steps

  1. Quote
  2. First step, you give a quote to your customer for the repairs their car needs.

  3. Application
  4. The customer will then submit a funding application at the wallet+ website, for the amount you have agreed upon (from €200 up to €2000).

  5. Approval
  6. After that, when the bank approves the application, we inform you that you’re clear to start repairing the car.

  7. Payment
  8. Finally, when your work is done, you send us the invoices and we pay you at once. Your customer on the other hand will divide the cost in monthly instalments.

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