What is wallet+?
  • 03 May 2023
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What is wallet+?

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Article Summary

Wallet+ is the digital wallet, powered by Hellas Direct, which offers you the opportunity to cover, through a loan provided by partner banks, all your vehicle needs: repair of an external damage, repair of a breakdown, car service, replacement of tires and road tax. You don’t have to pay in full once and for all. With wallet+ you can break the expense in monthly instalments, no credit card needed.

Wallet+ is available to everyone, no matter whether they are insured with Hellas Direct or not.

The financing is evaluated, approved and offered by a cooperating credit institution for amounts between €20 and €2,000, as per the Bank’s credit policy each time applicable.

Lending rate

For amounts between €20 and €500 the interest rate is 0%!

For amounts between €501 and €2,000 the lending interest rate ranges between 12,6 and 19,6% and doesn't change throughout the financing period (the respective levy under Law 128/75, currently 0.6%, is included)

Below you can see the interest rates and the handling and operating costs, for each cooperating credit institution:

National Bank of Greece

Fixed lending interest rate 13%, available for amounts between €501 and €2,000. Handling and operating costs amount to €24 for financing up to €1,000 and to €36 for financing over €1,000 and are collected upon the first instalment.

tbi bank

For amounts between €20 and €500, fixed interest rate 0%. It is paid in 4 instalments with every instalment having a €3 fee. The first instalment is paid with your debit card as soon as the financing application is approved.

For amounts between €501 and €2,000, fixed interest rate from 12.6 up to 19.6%. The lending rate is calculated exclusively for each customer during their funding application. Handling and operating costs amounting to €30 is being incorporated into the monthly instalment.

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