How can I be sure that the management of my personal data is secure?
  • 01 Aug 2022
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How can I be sure that the management of my personal data is secure?

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You can rest assured because we have taken every measure so that your details are not disclosed to others unless it is required by the law or/and the competent authorities. Whether you are one of our clients or simply getting a quote from us, there is no way we will share your personal details.

We only use the data for our records, for statistical or communication purposes as well as for the improvement of our services.

The protection of personal data is regulated by the provisions of the law for data protection, the decisions of the competent authority and the company’s conditions.

Under these regulations, we keep all the data we receive through our site on file, while at the same time taking every necessary measure to protect the privacy of this information.

The information you give us through is protected using encryption technology as it is transferred from your computer to our system. This secure connection is governed by SSL protocol which makes it extremely difficult for others to access your personal data.

Our system is appropriately programmed so that it can terminate any attempt at communication with your browser if the connection is not completely safe. There are two ways to confirm that you are on a safe webpage: Look for the lock icon in the address field or check that the electronic address begins with “https” and not “http”.


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